The Executive Office Center At Fresh Meadows has become the smart choice for businesses that want to minimize their overhead expenses. The brand new, state-of-the-art business center located in Fresh Meadows, Queens, offers full service commercial office space and virtual office services in close proximity to all Queens neighborhoods, Bronx, Brooklyn and Long Island, NY.

The Executive Office Center is a Queens executive suite or serviced office environment. Each tenant has his/her own handsomely furnished office, but all share a common receptionist and lobby waiting area, conference room and kitchen facilities, They also benefit from a host of other amenities and services.

At the Executive Office Center At Fresh Meadows, your expenses are a fraction of what they would be in a traditional office environment — and you are ready for business from the moment you turn the key and open the door to your new office.

There’s no need to buy furniture or hire a receptionist. You don’t have to get a phone system. There’s no need to do anything but roll up your sleeves and get to work! That’s because we’ve already got everything in place for you!

We offer two alternatives to economy-minded companies seeking office space in Queens, NY, full-service furnished offices, and a wide range of Queens virtual office services.


  • Barjes A.3 Year Ago

    When I first walking in to the office center, I was immediately impressed with the cleanliness and professional looking environment. I have a financial & estate planning practice and a professional image is important – I knew that any client I invited here would be comfortable. I was right – the majority of my clients are impressed with the office from the moment they walk in.

    The staff…no words can describe how attentive and amazing they are. I feel that they are my own personal staff. Its great how they accommodate me and all the tenants. I look forward to renting a office one day. I get all this with just a virtual office set up!!

  • Raoul MohammedA Year Ago

    The Executive Office Center is great. The staff is very helpful and always willing to go above and beyond to help you and your business. Highly recommend it to someone who is looking for an office space. I have nothing but nice things to say about this establishment. Keep up the good work.

  • Jonathan GrahamA Year Ago

    This virtual office building concept is great. I started here last year with a virtual office so i can provide my business with a professional presence as I started my business from home. Once I realized working from home was “not working” I spoke with Mary and she was able to place me in a small office. I utilize the meeting rooms for interviews and larger meetings the conference rooms. I am able to follow my eating place as they have a spacious and convenient cafeteria with many amenities. As my business continues to grow I have just moved into a double suite and it is perfect for my assistant and I. I couldn’t be more comfortable and happy. I give executive office center of Fresh Meadows a 10 star and HIGHLY recommend it.

  • Elizabeth CarmenA Year Ago

    Executive Office Center is terrific- it’s convenient, professional, the staff is helpful and easy to work with. It’s simple to book times for work, reliable, and they keep things running smoothly. It’s great for different types of professionals and is pretty adaptable to different types of meetings, etc. Location-wise it’s also great, as it’s in central Queens, right off the LIE and close to other main highways and transportation.

  • Stephen Rodriguez2 Years Ago

    The Executive Office Center at Fresh Meadows is definitely the most convenient virtual office center in New York! I’ve been part of this establishment for over a year now and I must say everyone here is extremely nice. I have met many professional individuals and entrepreneurs here that definitely play a major role in inspiring motivation to people like me that have total control over their career and where its going. Great atmosphere in a beautiful neighborhood! This is an awesome place to network and meet new people! Good food nearby! Come visit us!

  • Michele Ciniglio2 Years Ago

    Executive Office Center is a great place for business. The building speaks for its self – modern and well maintained. A little bit of Queens history hangs on the walls throughout each hallway. The amenities provided will meet and exceed any standard – a cafeteria with the works, a large conference room, private meeting rooms and a friendly receptionist to greet each client as they walk through the front door. The owners and the Associate Director really care about their tenants and are always will to work with you to resolve any issues should they arise. All in all, it’s refreshing to come to work every morning in the environment that has been created here.

  • Heath Goldstein3 Years Ago

    My Law Office has been a tenant at the Executive Office Center for about 8 months now. The staff and management there are nothing short of amazing. They are helpful, friendly and are extremely pleasant to work with. The staff goes out of their ways to help one another and their tenants to achieve their goals. If you have a business and need office space, whether it is actual office space or virtual office space, I could not recommend another place more highly than I do Executive Office Center. It is a great place to work.

  • Daniel Hoffman3 Years Ago

    EOC is administrated by a wonderful team with whom it is easy to work. There are no hassles with scheduling appointments–let them know in advance and they’ll accommodate your needs. The offices are professional and classy, and make a good impression on clients. They have a variety of rooms to suit the needs of many professionals, from small, intimate offices to large conference rooms. Perfect for individual meetings with clients, family or group therapy, workshops and more.

  • Al CHAN3 Years Ago

    The EOC offers really great value and excellent accomodations/amenities. The building is conveniently located near the LIE and easy to access, with great parking. The offices are all new and clean and all of the shared amenities (conference rooms, copy center, lunch and kitchen) are top-notch. Set-up and move-in were totally painless. Looking forward to doing work here!

  • Gordon Chang3 Years Ago

    The Office Space here provided is very good. The staffs professionalism and courtesy is top notch. I have never had an issue with staff, or the amenities provided. The fee is reasonable and includes internet phone and some furniture. It is quiet and well situated so that parking is not an issue. I would recommend The Executive Office Center to anyone looking for reasonable and well staffed office space!

  • Demitrio Acot3 Years Ago

    Very professional. Very neat & clean. Very friendly. Almost too good to be true. Really!

  • Gary RosenbergA Year Ago

    I feel fortunate to have found Executive Office Center At Fresh Meadows. The value for the entrepreneur, sole-practitioner and small business owner is unmatched. My Clients and I enjoy the personal call answering, professional office staff, choice of offices and multi-media-ready conference room all wrapped in tasteful decor that includes artwork from the Queens Historical Society. I only have one chance to make a first impression. Bye-bye Starbucks…Hello Executive Office Center At Fresh Meadows!
    Demitrio Acot………..Right Choice Real Estate

  • Richard Vega4 Years Ago

    Excutive Office Center is a fantastic place to do business, the support staff is amazing and incredidly helpful. I would recommend any bussiness to consider leasing space at this great location.

    Richard Vega
    Director of Sales
    RAB Communications

  • Steven Gildin3 Years Ago

    Wow – why did it take me so long to find a place like this ? Perfect in all respects. Efficient and affordable. Great people. Great services. Great Value.

  • Alan Licciardello3 Years Ago

    The Executive Office Center is the perfect environment to keep my accounting office. My clients are greatly impressed by the courteous staff and the cleanliness of the whole office building, It definitely is a pleasure to work at this Fresh Meadows location.

  • Hilary Nat3 Years Ago

    This is a great place to have a business. It is very professional and a great place to meet clients. The staff here have been wonderful to work with.


  • Classic Office Furnishings.
  • Courteous Lobby Reception.
  • Elegantly Appointed Lobby/Waiting Area.
  • Your Own Dedicated Telephone Number, With Personalized Answering.
  • Utility Expenses.
  • Executive Conference Room Availability.

* Copier and facsimile services are also available for a nominal fee.

  • Kitchen/Lunchroom Facility.
  • Personal, Secure Mailbox.
  • Parcel Pickup And Acceptance.
  • Cleaning Service.
  • 7 Day Per Week Security Access.
  • Professional Dynamic Business Environment.

* You also pay discounted costs for state-of-the-art telephone, voicemail, high speed internet services.


  • Virtual Office Business Model Becoming an Attractive Alternative to Traditional Office Space in Queens NY

    Virtual office services and serviced office space are quickly becoming a favored alternative to traditional office space in Queens, New York. The Executive Office Center at Fresh Meadows , which opened in October of 2011, is the first such office center to open in the borough of Queens, and has already attracted over one hundred tenants and virtual tenants! I am a personal believer in the virtual office business model for small businesses. It’s such a practical and cost-effective alternative to traditional office space, it is just a matter ofRead More


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