“One Stop Business Resource Center” for the community

A new 16 foot LED display now adorns the 11,000 square foot commercial building at the rear of the Fresh Meadows shopping center parking lot. The Tudor style, twin-peaked office building owned by HLB Realty Corp. has been under renovation for the past year, and opened September 1 as the EXECUTIVE OFFICE CENTER At Fresh Meadows.
Center directors, Steven and Jack Blumner, may have hit upon a novel idea as they prepare to open their state-of-the-art business center. They won’t merely be landlords. They will be actively working to help their tenants make money.
The sign is part of their strategy. The LED sign on the rear of the building facing the busy parking lot will help advertise their new tenants. The two brothers also intend to help market their tenants to the surrounding zip codes by e-mail and direct mail.
Steven and Jack Blumner are the former broker/owners of First Choice Real Estate, once the top selling residential firm in Queens. Marketing was instrumental to the success of the company, which was purchased by NRT, Inc. in November, 2004. NRT added the firm to its Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage group, but the company gave up the Queens location last August, after five years of battling a difficult real estate market.
The EXECUTIVE OFFICE CENTER At Fresh Meadows is the first executive suite center to open inQueens. An executive suite center is an office building in which each tenant has an individual office but all share a common receptionist and lobby/waiting area, conference room and kitchen facilities. They are usually fully furnished, telephone and internet-ready, and tenants receive other professional staff support and services from the landlord.

EXECUTIVE OFFICE SUITES FACILITY COMES TO FRESH MEADOWS Pictured at Ribbon Cutting Ceremony From left to right: Marva Kalish (Queens Chamber of Commerce), Senator Toby Ann Stavisky,  Assembly Member David Weprin, Steve Blumner & Jack Blumner
Pictured at Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
From left to right: Marva Kalish (Queens Chamber of Commerce),
Senator Toby Ann Stavisky,
Assembly Member David Weprin,
Steve Blumner & Jack Blumner
“In this economy, there is a great urgency for businesses to streamline their operations and eliminate as much cost as possible,” said Jack Blumner. “We aren’t re-inventing the wheel over here. The trend for flexible and economical work space is already well established in different parts of the country. We are merely the first to set it up on a major scale here in Queens.”
“But we’re really offering something more than that,” said Mr. Blumner. “Our strength has always been marketing. We believe we can put this building on the map again, and help our tenants achieve high visibility. In fact, I believe that the building will become a well recognized business center within a year, providing a range of business and professional services to local residents.”
“What I envision is a one stop business resource center,” said Mr. Blumner, “where neighborhood residents can find an attorney, an accountant, an insurance broker, a web designer, and dozens of other types of service oriented businesses. Our goal is to turn the building into a concierge service center for the community.”
The Executive Office Center at Fresh Meadows offers another interesting innovation that is relatively common in Manhattan, but new to Queens – virtual offices. A virtual office allows a company to work off-site while receiving many of the benefits of having an actual office in an office building.
“There has been a tremendous amount of interest in the virtual offices, and we’ve just gotten started,” said Mr. Blumner. “Attorneys seem to be particularly interested. We already have four law firms on board. The law firm of DOMINICK LAVELLE specializes in accident and injury claims. Attorney H. BRUCE BRONSON handles Queens bankruptcy cases.”
“The Long Island accounting firm of KWEIT, MANTEL & DELUCIA has joined us as well. Their business has been growing in spite of an underwhelming economy, and they felt they needed a place on the map between their two main centers of business, Nassau County and Manhattan. We also have been joined by a variety of other companies that will be of great interest to the neighborhood,” said Mr. Blumner.
“I predict that we will be able attract as many as 50 to 100 virtual tenants, in addition to our actual tenants, which will number about 40. I believe the potential for virtual offices is practically unlimited,” said Mr. Blumner. “Imagine having a building in your neighborhood that offers the services of over 100 different professionals and other service oriented companies. I’m telling you, it’s going to be something else.”

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