Ideal For Solo Entrepreneurs

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The Executive Office Center at Fresh Meadows was developed with the solo entrepreneur and professional in mind. Many sole practitioners come from the corporate world, and are pushed into “going solo” through downsizing or being fired. Others come from the world of traditional self employment, and do so by choice, in search of greater independence.

Whatever your direction may be – whether you are just starting out, or you are winding down, you will find the Executive Office Center at Fresh Meadows the best place in Queens to “go solo.”

Why? – because at the Executive Office Center at Fresh Meadows, you aren’t really alone. There is a professional support staff behind you that is sincerely dedicated to your success. Compare the Executive Office Center at Fresh Meadows to other serviced office environments, and you will find that it offers more tangible benefits than any other such operation in the borough of Queens.

When you rent an office at the Executive Office Center at Fresh Meadows in Queens NY, your value packed rent pays for all of the following:

  • Classic office furnishings
  • Courteous lobby reception
  • Elegantly appointed lobby/waiting area
  • Your own dedicated telephone number, with personalized answering
  • Utility expenses
  • Executive conference room availability
  • Kitchen/lunchroom facility
  • Personal, secure mailbox
  • Parcel pickup and acceptance
  • Cleaning service
  • 7 day per week security access
  • Professional dynamic business environment
You also pay discounted costs for state-of-the-art telephone, voicemail and high speed internet services. Copier and facsimile services are also available for a nominal fee!
If you want to “go solo” and lease office space in the borough of Queens NY, there’s only one place to do it – at the Executive Office Center at Fresh Meadows.
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