www Queensforless com to provide discounts to Queens neighborhood stores and restaurants

JSB0_queens_for_less_logoThe Executive Office Center at Fresh Meadows is pleased to announce the launch of the first dot com from within the new business center, www.queensforless.com. The new website offers coupon and professional discounts to many neighborhood stores and restaurants in northern Queens.

“Queens for Less is a valuable resource for Queens consumers,” according to Jack Blumner, developer of the new website. “There’s no longer any need to wait for that special offer in the mail or that circular to arrive in your driveway. Now, before you step out the door to go shopping, you can visit www.queensforless.com first and print discount coupons for many of your favorite merchants and service vendors in northern Queens.”

The website officially launches on 1/11/11, featuring stores and restaurants in zip codes 11365 and 11366, with a mailing to residents of the two zip codes. “That is ground zero for the website,” said Mr. Blumner. “From there, it will pick up advertisers in Bayside and Flushing before branching out through northern and western and ultimately south Queens.”

All advertisements on the site are free to participating businesses and restaurants until April 30, 2011.

“This is an ambitious venture. Queens is huge. We need to be as methodical as possible

in order to build a resource that will benefit all the residents of northern Queens,” said Mr. Blumner.

The Executive Office Center at Fresh Meadows, which opened three months ago, is one of the most innovative new office buildings in Queens, offering “instant” offices and custom virtual office solutions for professionals and business. It aims to become a major launching pad for dot com enterprises, like www.queensforless.com.

“If you’ve got a great idea for a website or small business,” you can open an office at the Executive Office Center at Fresh Meadows for a s little as $149.00 per month,” according to Associate Director Mary Abrams. There are other significant benefits that come with being a tenant at the new executive office center. “One of the unique aspects of our office building is that we offer marketing support to help our tenants get more business,” said Ms. Abrams.

The Executive Office Center at Fresh Meadows is already home to more than two dozen professional and businesses from attorneys to web designers. “It’s objective is to provide a one stop business resource center, where neighborhood residents can find an attorney, an accountant, an insurance broker, and dozens of other types of service oriented businesses. Our goal is to turn the building into a concierge service center for the community,” said Ms. Abrams, who anticipates the day when the building will be home to more than one hundred such businesses.

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