New York Office Business Center Industry Grows Outside Manhattan

Aerial Photograph of Manhattan and Queens, New York
Aerial Photograph of Manhattan and Queens, New York
The Queens Courier recently featured a piece on the Executive Office Center at Fresh Meadows. The new office business center has set up their facilities in an existing office building near a local shopping center. The company, owned by Jack and Steven Blummer, will also offer virtual offices.

The set-up is an ideal solution for companies and individuals in the Queens area who are looking to save on business expenses. In addition to huge savings in comparison to what would be spent on traditional, costly Manhattan office space, local workers will have the opportunity to improve their productivity by cutting out a long commute and taking advantage of what the business center structure offers – professional support and services, furnished offices, and more.

The serviced office and virtual office industry is highly popular in Manhattan and Long Island, but the Executive Office Center at Fresh Meadows is the first significant player in the Queens market, according to the article. The office business center industry continues to enjoy steady growth across the board – from California to the UK to Asia and beyond.

“[The executive suites] are ideal for start-up companies and just as suitable for companies that have been forced to scale back their operations until economic conditions improve,” Jack Blummer said.

“Executive Office Center suites would also serve as a perfect field or branch office of a larger corporation. Even in these challenging economic times, North Queens remains one of the most vibrant and resilient business environments in New York – a good place to gain an economic toehold.”

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